¿Who were we? ¿Who will be we? ¿Who are we?

“¿Who were we? ¿Who will be we? ¿Who are we?”

That day with Sandra makes me think about, we met that day and was magic, I really started in photography because I love to travel, I love landscapes and hiking, all that things, and then I discovered that I also love to travel because of the people, the people are what gives it a sense, not only people.

Souls, hearts, minds and places.

This photoshoot was improvised, we hadn`t anything planned, but it was raining outside and we decided to take a coffee in a good place around Valencia, then we finished in the 3rd floor of a vintage bar, thanks to a barman who saw my camera.

Since that happened, I learned something really important, I want to share histories through my eyes, not only what I see, what I feel, how it feels, and why.

And now I’m just trying to make that happen.

( so happy to have this photos published on Format Magazine Contest and Ello. )

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