Twelve Peanuts by Juan Dulcey

There’s an spanish tradition, on new year’s eve, on December 31, in the last twelve seconds, twelve grapes are eaten, one for each bell. There’s a dinner with all the family or friends and celebration all night. This was the moment I was in Bilbao, concretly in Durango, a little town, 630 kilometers far from home and my family, I was watching TV in Euskera lenguage and taking twelve peanuts in a plastic cup with two friendly strangers at their new house, surrounded by disorder and books. 5…4…3…2…1… “¡Zorionak eta urte berri on!”

Everything began mid-December, I had something inside me, something anxiously, somenthing that drove me, I was wanted to end the year and start it in a different way than usual, just to end it and start it Travelling. I had the idea in my head and heart but I didn’t know exactly where to go, although my compass always points north, so I decided to go to Bilbao, Basque Country, I’d been there that year but didn’t stop, I felt that it deservered the worth exploring, if only a little.

The day was approaching and 3 days before, I take a “blablacar” (web page that allow you to travel sharing a car with someone. I didn’t have a driving license or a car and I was 19, my friends wasn’t to travel those days so that was my fortune that just one car was avalaible to go near Bilbao, on Saturday, December 31st, leaving Valencia at 15:00. Ready my backpack, my camera, I loaded the batteries and I got it, the day arrived. I was nervous at same time that happy and excited, I’m not supersticious but I listened one day that if you started a year doing what you love you’ll keep on it more and more. 

 3…2…1… . (Door closing).

I go out of my home and I went to my meeting point, I was going to meet two of the persons that started something new on me. I love the sensation about go in metro and look how some people looks at you like weird and asking themselves “¿Where he goes? ¿Where he comes? Big backpacks to big dreams always. 

 Looking for them I found a yellow van, there they was, Pedro and Oihan, pedro was a male nurse and 58 years old, Oihan his son 21, the trip was 6 hours, I relaxed myself and started the trip. We talked about If we was psycopaths (just joking) and then we talked about Sebastiao Salgado and “The salt of Earth”, about Julio Verne, Christopher McCandless and Basque country and their history.

We was arriving to our destiny and the started asking me about where I was going, we was arriving at 21:30 night and there wasn’t anyway to arrive to Bilbao, and then something unexpected happened, without thinking about it they offert me to spent the 31st December new year’s eve at their new house, to have a dinner and to sleep, I just feel really really lucky and glad about it, It was just crazy and lovely, I started thinking that not all the people are bad as someone tell.

 We ate meat and drink wine and to celebrate the new year, twelve peanuts. 

 So there was I, thankful and alive, starting a new trip. 

Bilbao Trip, part one.

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