The water, The cold and The warm feeling.

“It’s finding love in the landscape and the freedom of the mind in a sigh that calms the soul, it’s magic, it’s passion.” 

Basque Country Coast - 2017

Those memories, that moment, the wind, the sounds, the light, I believe in magic, I believe in all that connection that makes the landscape feel more than that.

The melody of the place, the people and the feelings around there, all this get into my heart.

I just was backpacking around Bilbao, and that was part the results, I feel so grateful of sharing this through my eyes.

“I decided to change.

I decided to look what isn’t there, to find what isn’t supposed to exist, to find a way to express what I feel and think without speaking.

I found silence.

I learned to move blindly.”

“The water, the cold and the warm feeling”

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